A Few Words About Me

My name is Samantha Morgan, and I have been a fine artist since my youth. I find inspiration from the innovative styles of contemporary and urban art, such as graphic and graffiti illustrations.

I strongly believe that art is a global form of communication. It educates visually by either moving you, pleasing you, or even inspiring you. It has so much effect on one’s emotion, more than a person can affect another by words or action. besides painting, I also share my skills and knowledge with beginner artists during my annual painting courses.

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My Awards

As a widely known and highly experienced artist, I have been awarded for a unique approach that I use in creating paintings of various genres, from landscape to still life.


Portrait Painting Awards


Landscape Painting Awards


Still Life Painting Awards


Urban Art Painting Awards

James Brewer

Businessman, Intermediate Artist

Joe Wagner

Promoter, Beginner Artist

Charles Owens

Designer, Advanced Artist

Laura Jordan

Model, Intermediate Artist