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Urban paintings are associated with art that is created by artist living, depicting, or experiencing city life. As for me, I have just discovered this genre but I’m already quite good at it according to my customers.

Busy streets, heavily populated areas, and gritty realism comprises the type of scenery that people in urban areas tend to find. It's a unique and fast-paced world to be in, and I can create any painting depicting urban life for you to discover. Such paintings will be a great fit for busy offices and people looking for something special for their apartments.

If you are looking for a completely new way to decorate your home, ordering a custom urban painting or purchasing a finished one may be a good option. Contact me today to have your painting tomorrow!

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This painting is a part of the “European Architecture” series, which I finished last year.

Southern Cathedral

One of my latest paintings, this piece of art was sold to Joe Lee, a famous English businessman.

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